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How to Create Active Links in Comments

How to Create Active Links in Comments

On this occasion I will share how to create an active link in the comment . Active link is put a link in the comments of other people's blogs to getbacklinks . What is a backlink ?Read HERE .Put active links is themost powerful way to get backlinks ,but many Indonesian bloggers who gave provisions , for example: do not put active links , active link disappears .The reason various kinds , fear of spam , scams , and others .
We as bloggers Indonesia should help each other , first clay on his link , if the ad elements sara , spam , etc. then removed , it is still my advice , but it's up to the one who has a blog .
Okay , Here's how to set it up :

1 . Go to the comment box .
2 . Copy the code below .
3.  Repleace the yellow code with your comment
3 . Replace the red code with the URL of your blog .
4 . Replace the code in blue with the title of your blog .
5 . Publish your comment .
     NB : Most blogs have no anti- robot ( captca )
6 . Done .

Maybe that's all I can say , hopefully useful and thanks for visiting , Happy Blogging .

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