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Know the Colors on the Blog

Know the Colors on the Blog

On this occasion I will give you a way to know the color of the blog. For what? for most adsenser want to create highly relevant ads appear on the blog, but most people find it difficult remedy set the color.

Based on my experience, to know the color code, I open the template and look for the code, as a result did not see, I open a collection of HTML code, also not ad the exact same color with the color of the blog. after a long search finally met also by using addons from Mozilla Firefox.
Okay, here are the steps:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
2. Take addosnya HERE.
3. Install addons her.
4. Restart Mozilla Firefox.
5. Right click and select ColorZilla> eyedropper.
6. There is a black tab and shows code # 00000, that's the color code of your blog.

Thank for your visitting my blog, mayber usefull and happy blogging.

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