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How to Get Alexa Pro

How to Get Alexa Pro

On this occasion I will give turitorial how to get alexa pro. What is the use Alexa pro? Alexa Pro is useful for slimming alexa rank quickly. Could it be? Very likely, as my blog is proof of Alexa Pagerank 7,034,067 to 3,892,410 in a few days and hopefully continue to trim,, hehehehe.
That so the question:
Q: Alexa pro it requires a credit card and pay.
A: Relax Here I will share credit card for free.
Q: Once I get alexa pro every month I have to pay.
A: Not only 1x a current list forever.
Q: How do I??
A: Absolutely not wait immediately wrote.

Here's how:
1. Log your alexa.
2. Select the Products menu.
3. Select Basic.
4. Enter the address / URL of your blog.
6. The contents of the data like this :
    CC : 4101626768712830 
    EXP  10/15  CVV  806   
    Erwind Daniel
    For your address up to you.
7. Keep going until you will be asked sucribe with HTML / Javascript is given.
8. The trick, to the template, edit the template search and enter the code given by alexa code right above the </ body>
9. Save the template.

Wait a few days 1-2 days and see the results.
Maybe that's all I can share, hopefully useful and thank you for coming here,, Happy Blogging.

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